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Transport persoane cu autocarul in Suedia, Danemarca, Norvegia, Germania, Cehia si Romania


1. Applicability of these conditions


1.1 Passengers are obliged to respect the General Conditions of Carriage and applicable provisions of law in Romania Transport and other countries through which the passenger travels.


1.2 Passengers are obliged to comply with transit countries concerning the documents of entry / exit, customs regulations, financial and administrative, regarding his person or in his luggage. The company shall not be liable for additional costs due to lack such documents.


1.3 The company and its agents does not assume any responsibility if a passenger fails to comply with the above.


1.4 If one or more passengers are retained and disembarked in border for reasons relating to border crossing formalities, luggage illicit or illegal, and the problem solving time exceeds 30 minutes, the bus will continue its journey after consuming that 30 min.


2. Definitions


2.1 The statutory provisions concerning contracts for transport, defining cases in which the company is released from any liability.


2.2 Travel tickets returned are those tickets that are customer returns their value under the customer quits travel part or in full, according to Annex 1.


2.3 Departure date is considered the date when the journey starts and is printed on the ticket.


3. Tickets / Availability / Reservations


3.1 The ticket is nominal, can not be transferred to another person and must be presented at the request of company personnel or the authorities empowered to make checks (is evidence of the contract of carriage between passenger and company).


3.2 Tickets (except those paid online) without issuing agency stamp or without issue date are not valid.


3.3 The validity of the ticket starts from the day of departure written on ticket.


3.4 Quit trip and return ticket can be done only agency that issued the ticket, in compliance with applicable regulations in such cases.


3.5 Any change to the travel date must be announced to the agency where the ticket was bought or agency COMATI PSG, paying the fees for this operation, where is the case, under Annex 1.


3.6 The validity of tickets roundtrip journey begins with departure date from the ticket and depending on the fare paid (valid for a month, three months or six months).


3.7 Booking place for return for round trip tickets (OPEN) is mandatory and must be made at least 7 days before the return trip.


3.8 COMATI PSG does not guarantee the existence of vacancies places in the desired date of traveler and will not be in any way responsible for damages suffered by tourists because of inability to perform the desired date of traveler trip.


3.9 For tickets purchased roundtrip programming for return must be made at least 7 days before leaving at office COMATI PSG.


3.10 In case of reservation for the trip back written when the tickets has made, the traveler must confirm the return date in the same conditions as in point. 3.9


3.11 Reservation for tickets at promotional prices and fixed date of return can not be changed and not returned back the equivalent journey if it is not done during ticket valability.


3.12 Company reserves the right to sell unconfirmed seats (reserved).


3.13 If your travel reprogramming in other states, will apply local regulations and management fees.


3.14 Refund of tickets issued by a partner agency is only allowed at the agency that issued the ticket.


4. Loss of ticket / Cancel / Reprogramming / Compensations


4.1 The tickets lost, destroyed or stolen is not replaced, will not issue duplicate, and the traveler can not be compensated in such cases.


4.2 In case of loss, destruction or theft of the ticket, it is advisable that passengers have insurance for such cases. If a ticket has been declared lost, stolen or destroyed, is shown after buying a new ticket, the equivalent of the "old" traveler's ticket will be refunded, less an administration fee of 10 euros.


4.3 Value of penalties for cancellation, reprogramming or return journey, are provided in Annex 1.


4.4 In no event or situation invoked, the passenger can not get back more of 100% of the ticket.


4.5 The ticket price is according to the tariffs in the day of issue.


4.6 Passenger must check if the ticket has the correct number of files when buying or recall it from the crew coach after the control.


4.7 Special offers and promotional tickets have different conditions regarding the cancellation, refund and rescheduling.


4.8 Return requests, claims and / or complaints regarding the trip will be submitted in writing at the COMATI PSG in Romania or agency where he bought the ticket in a maximum period of one month from the date of departure stated on the ticket travel for one way and fixed date of return, and a maximum of 6 months for roundtrip tickets OPEN (medical emergencies, death and others that include the definition of force majeure).


4.9 A return reservation to passenger who was not presented to boarding and not previously announced 48 hours modification or quit of travel entails cancel the ticket back, without the right to reschedule or passenger compensation


5. Luggage


5.1. Bag with documents and bag of food can be taken the bus as hand luggage. Hand luggage (up to 5 kg) must be stored in special areas of bus, not under car seats or the interval between them.


5.2. COMATI PSG does not accept any responsibility for / or in connection with carriage hand luggage. It rests entirely traveler unless the damage is the fault of the company and can be proven by the passenger.


5.3. COMATI PSG is not responsible in case of loss or damage of goods as money, gold, silver, jewelry, works of art or other valuables such as cameras, video equipment, computers, etc., found in hand baggage passengers.


5.4. Liability for theft, loss or damage to luggage carried in the hold, other than hand luggage, lies COMATI PSG or company authorized by it to carry only where they arise from gross negligence crew coach, that will be proven by the applicant, and only within 200 Euro, except goods mentioned in point. 5.3.


5.5 Passengers are required to submit any claim for loss / theft or damage to baggage immediately after arrival. Any subsequent complaint will not be considered. Complaints should be sent to info@comati-psg.ro.


5.6 It is recommended that passenger hold luggage insurance for such cases.


5.7 In adult ticket fare included 50 kg of baggage and 30 kg per child (1 or 2 bags with dimensions of 70/40/20 cm), which will be stored in the luggage compartment of the bus, as well as hand luggage up to 5 kg (purse, backpack), which can get inside the bus. Not considered luggage (50 kg) electronics, home appliances, bicycles, tires and bulky items. These are considered as packages and fares will be calculated after the company, being necessary to anticipate announcing availability of storage space in the bus. COMATI PSG reserves the right to refuse to transport these packages if not packed properly.


5.8 It is not allowed to transport animals.


5.9 It is strictly forbidden in luggage, transport of drugs, explosives or toxic substances, weapons, ammunition, oxygen tanks or gas cylinders or any other caustic substances hazardous works of art heritage without the necessary permits, and other objects and substances which violate laws in Romania or other countries.


5.10 All luggage must be labeled so as to clearly see that luggage belongs to whom.


5.11. In case of nonpayment by the consideration traveler trip or other obligations incumbent against COMATI PSG or company authorized by it to carry, COMATI PSG has the right to keep total assets entrusted to be carried.





6. Delays / Cancellations / Changes


6.1. COMATI PSG does not accept any responsibility for late arrivals and / or losses suffered by passengers as a result of these delays. Arrival times depending on waiting time of borders and on the road.


6.2. COMATI PSG SRL has the right at any time to cancel a trip where the threat or existence of war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, blockade, strike, adverse weather conditions, social unrest, technical problems with the coach or other circumstances that could be a impediment for making the trip.


6.3 The company reserves the right to change prices or schedules circulation, with prior notification to passengers.


7. The transporter


7.1 People with disabilities or reduced mobility shall notify the company when booking the ticket specific needs of seating, provided that it must be known in that time.


7.2 In accordance with Regulation 181/2011 European carrier declare that coaches / transportation means in pursuit of its business are not properly designed so as to ensure the safe transport of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility.


8. Passenger responsibility


8.1 Passengers who book a travel ticket for another passenger is responsible to COMATI PSG for any damage caused by the latter passenger.


8.2. Children under 18 must travel accompanied by an adult.


8.3. Children are accepted on board of coach only supervised by adults or if they have an affidavit proving consent of the parent or guardian to perform the trip and only if the country of destination and / or country transited during the journey and conditions of carriage COMATI PSG permit.


9. Obligations passenger


9.1. It is forbidden to use radios, cassette players, mini TV or video or musical instruments on the bus. Using a walkman or CD player is allowed only if the volume is at a suitable level so as not to disturb other passengers.


9.2. Travelers are prohibited from vandalizing or dirtying coach, use of alcohol, obstructing in any way the driver or other person crew in the performance in good conditions specific duties, causing inconvenience or discomfort to passengers in coach or other road users. Behavior that does not conform or does not take account of those provisions of the Regulation, entitled COMATI PSG or company authorized to carry out transport, passenger prohibit making or continuing the journey, without entitlement to compensation or reimbursement of the ticket price


9.3 The Carrier is entitled to refuse carriage or to discontinue with no right to compensation or reimbursement of the ticket price if the passenger does not respect the transport contract, violate laws in Romania or other countries, which travels in case it is a condition that indicates a contagious disease, is uncivilized behavior on the bus or towards other passengers and threatening the safety of other passengers disrupting such journey (INCLUDING passengers intoxicated, under the influence of narcotics with violent behavior, immoral and indecent).


9.4 No smoking in buses SC Comat PSG SRL.

COMATI PSG is authorized to ask the travelers who violates this rule and defies request not to smoke, immediately descend from the coach (where applicable) without right to compensation or reimbursement of the ticket price.


9.5 During the crossing by ferry, passengers are forbidden in the bus. It is the responsibility of the passenger to take hand luggage with him, in getting out of the bus.


9.6 It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure they have all necessary travel documents entering, transiting or stationing on the territory of a foreign country such as passport, visa, medical certificate. If during the trip, the traveler is denied the right to enter or transit the country due not owning documents correct travel all the consequences, including any damages incurred by COMATI PSG, fall in responsibility and will be paid by the traveler, without that it can benefit from any return all or part of the fare.


9.7 Travel must be present at the point of boarding at least 30 minutes. before the time of departure, unless otherwise stated in the leaflet line. Registration of travelers closes 15 min before departure time. Passengers that arrive less than 15 minutes departure time risk losing their place reservation for the bus, without receiving any return or part of the fare. Any delay, attract unilateral responsibility of the passenger delayed.


9.8 In case of scheduled stops on the route, travelers need to return to coach during announced before stopping, otherwise the bus will leave the station without passengers who is not present, COMATI PSG does not bear any responsibility for the consequences of that.


9.9 Throughout the trip the traveler must comply with the conditions and rules of safety on board the coach, or the rules that are displayed by the traveler who will be handed by crew of COMATI PSG.


9.10 Complaints regarding the fulfillment of the transport contract by COMATIPSG seen by the traveler must be reported in writing as soon as possible, but no later than one month from the date of travel, unless it is stipulated another period time (ex.4.8)


9.11 If, for whatever reason, COMATI PSG can not meet or has not fulfilled its contractual obligations, COMATI PSG will find the best solution to remedy the situation or an alternative for transportation, to the extent that this may. The costs for this must be reasonable.


9.12 We reserve the right to check, photocopy or in any other way to record your travel documents, and to refuse to carry you to your destination if you do not own the necessary documentation or documents appear to not be in order. COMATI PSG may be subject of fine, and we reserve the right to recover this amount from you if necessary.


9.13 Passengers declare that they are aware of those stipulated in paragraph 7 of these conditions.


10. Insurance


10.1 Carrier ensure passengers for all bodily injuries resulting from the vehicle and from their presence in the vehicle. Insurance does not cover bodily injuries arising from fault of the passenger or luggage carried.


11. Complaints


11.1 The carrier has the obligation within 30 days to communicate passenger response on complaints made.

11.2 Passenger notes and accepts the ban on negative advertising and carrier services provided by it without the registration procedure and grievance provided in this Chapter have been met. Failure to do this shall entitle the carrier to seek court corresponding damage suffered damages.

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